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All furnishings, beddings, kitchen equipments, laundry facilities, free internet and much more.
KAMATA RESIDENCE is located very central on the Kiekyu line only 12 minutes away from Shinagawa and Yokohama/ 30 minutes form Ginza and Meguro. The house is located 5 minutes walk from Zousiki Station. Very close in the neighbor hood you find a good supermarket, hospitals and small local stores. You will love this area for the convenience and nice and quiet surrounding.

 Private apartment room 201 Private apartment room 201
Private apartment room 202 Private apartment room 203
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Rent fee

***This apartment is non-smoking(建物内禁煙)
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No. Rent Contract /
Maintenance fee*
201 room101 Unavailable Rent 77,000
1K / 19m2
45'000yen  2,500yen
*water is per person
*gas, electric billby meter 
202 Kamata room202 Unavailable Rent 77,000yen
1K / 19m2
203 Kamata room 203 Unavailable Rent 75,000yen
1K / 19m2
* Contract/Maintenance fee: If you stay more than 8 months half is refundable
**You pay all other utilities by your meter on your own.

shared utilities
Free Wi-Fi

Floor plan

Train line(s)

Otaku Nakarokugou 2chome
Keikyuu line "Zoshiki" Sta. - walk 5 mins
JR KeihinTohoku line
'Kamata' Sta. - 7 mins by bus
Within 5 mins; Conbini, Discount super market, hospital, Ra-men and restaurants.

Railway Mapnishiooi railway map