About Cancellation

Q. I am a student, is there a student discount ?

A. Yes for some places we have student discount.

Q. Can I contact you in English ?

A. Yes NICHIO has English and German speaking staff.

Q. I am a Japanese, can I rent a 
room/apartment ?

A We are renting mainly to foreigners, but also welcome Japanese people who plan to go abroad and want to study English.

Q. Do I have to pay Key-money or Agency Fee ?

A No, you don‘t have to pay key-money or agency fee, but we ask you to pay a contract/maintenance fee which is half refundable if you stay more than 8 month in a apartment or 11 month in a share house

Q. Are utility fees included in the rent ?
A. No

Q. What do I have to pay beside the rent ?

A. For Apartments you have to pay for the utilities (gas, electricity, water) by yourself. 
In case you use a NICHIO telephone line you have to pay the bill to the telephone company. For Guesthouses there is usually a fixed amount to pay for utilities.

Q. Is there internet connection ?

A. Every apartment and most rooms are equipped with optical fiber max speed 100 bps connection. You connect any type of computer (windows or mac.) easy without setting, just plug in your computer. Some places have wire less Lan.

Q. Is the internet free of charge ?

A. Yes.
Q. If I reserved a room/apartment without seeing the place, can I cancel in case I don’t like it ?
A. Yes, this is one of the big merits of our company's system. You will get back the money you already paid. (see the list). 

Q. Is the Contract/Maintenance fee refundable ?
A. depends on your property and the lengt of your stay.

Q. Is there a charge when I move out ?

A. depends on your property and the lengt of your stay.
Q. Do I need a guarantor ?

A. No, we just ask you to inform us about your working/study place

Q. Is there a minimum or maximum stay ?

A. Yes

Q. Can I pay by credit card ?

A. The payment can be paid by PayPal / no credit card

Q. How long before I move out I have to inform you ?

A. 30 days

Q. If I move out in the middle of the month and I have paid already for the whole month, do I get the money back ?

A. Yes we will calculate the days and pay you back the rent pro rata. However you have to give us 30 days notice (e.g.. If you give us notice on February 14th. you will have to pay until March 13th.)

Q. Can I change from one location to the other ?

A. Yes you can move within NICHIO-Apartments/Guesthouses without check out notice.
Q. What is the difference between a Guesthouse and an apartment ?
A. A Guesthouse is a partially shared accommodation. You have your own private bedroom (the door can be locked) and you share the kitchen, toilets, shower, and in some places TV/Computer room . Guesthouses are also called "Gaijin Houses" In an apartment there is everything private, you don’t need to share facilities, except laundry in some places.
Q. What does the furnishing include ?

A. A. Basically everything what you need for daily life. Kitchen equipment, cooking utensils, air-conditioner, vacuum cleaner, bed/beddings and small furniture etc. You can move in only with your suitcase.

Q. If I need some more furniture, can I get it ?

A. Yes if we have it in storage you can get it. Blankets and futons you always can get more.

Q. What happens if the electric appliances
are brake down, do I have to pay for it ?

A. No, you will not be held accountable for damages resulting from normal wear and tear.

Q. Can I have my own telephone/fax line ?


A. There is no telephone/fax line at the apartments/guesthouses. If you need one, you can make a contract with NTT (Japanese telephone company) and do it by yourself

Q. Is there any age limit to stay your guesthouse/apartments ?

A. If you are younger than 20 years you need the signature of your parents. There is an age limit for some guesthouse.

Q. Can I bring my pet ?

A. Small pets like cats or birds (depend on type of pets) are accepted in most places. Please ask for the details.

Q. I have a car, it there parking available ?
A In 2 locations parking is available. Please ask for the details.

Q Is tax included ?

A. Yes, all taxes are included.
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