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Roppongi has been a popular nightlife district among foreigners for decades. Unlike other districts in Tokyo, it offers many restaurants, bars and clubs, which are easily accessible for foreigners or even cater specifically to the expat community.
roppongi bed room roppongi kitchen roppongi bath room
roppongi appearance roppongi window
the view from the window
roppongi appearance
the appearance of the building
 roppongi window  roppongi window  roppongi window
 roppongi window  roppongi window  roppongi window

Rent fee

Rent & Utilities Contract/Maintenance fee
roppongi kitchen Available Rent 69,000yen
Utilities 14,000yen
*Utilities are per person
*1 Contract/Maintenance fee: If you stay more than 8 months half is refundable
**The apartment is non-smoking.

Floor plan

roppongi room layout

Train line(s)

roppongi map
Hibiya line Hiroo st.
-9 min. walk
Oedo/Hibiya line Roppingi st.
-14 min. walk
Chiyoda line Nogizaka st.
-14 min. walk<

>>5min walk to Roppongi-Hills